Friday, June 19, 2009

Sweet Surprise!

After a rather drama-filled week, I am ready for a laid-back weekend. Currently we have zero plans, other than clean the house and grocery shop. The last few weekends have been so hectic, I am really looking forward to playing it low-key the next two days.

And what better way to start my weekend than with a surprise in my mailbox? The fabulously generous KT sent me two books to jump start my summer reading. Which is perfect, considering I am so sore I can barely move my legs today. Now I have a plausible excuse for not leaving my couch the entire weekend!


Mel said...

Sounds great! Enjoy your relaxing weekend...can't wait for one of those myself!

Cole said...

Ahh, nothing like a good book to recover from a stressful week!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Have a good weekend!!!!

KT said...

Enjoy! I swear, I mailed so many "care" packages of books out this week that the man at the mail counter was just shaking his head at me!

jlc said...

Have a lovely lovely weekend!!!

Just found your blog via Alison and LOVE it! Hope you don't mind if i tag along! :)

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