Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sporting wood

Or as Nate likes to say, "Sporing wood".

We took our friends Buster and Weez (yes, that is what Nate actually calls them) out to the house on Friday night, after a yummy Thai dinner. Less than 24 hours after our last visit and we already had a whole second floor.

The second floor is a LOT harder to figure out than the first floor. Some of the rooms were obvious (like the master bedroom and the loft) but it took Weez and I several minutes to distinguish the shared bathroom from all the closets and tell where some of the door frames will go. I took a lot of pictures and when I uploaded them I had to pull out the floor plan to figure out what I was looking at in some of them!

Nate was really worried about the size of the backyard for awhile but now that we have seen it with the house on the lot, things look a lot different and I think his worries have died down a bit. There will be plenty of room for a deck AND a fence next spring. I also didn't realize how much side yard we would have until this last visit. There is a enough yard for the things we want to do but not so much that Nate will spend the whole weekend doing yard work.

Our meeting with Park and Cameron is at 3:00pm tomorrow and I hope we can catch some of the roof going up and get some action shots for the blog.

We took advantage of Buster and had him take our picture together in front of the house. Since we always go out alone, I rarely get to be in the shot!

Master bedroom and sitting room. I love all of the windows in here.

My new closet. Everyone knows how much I love to shop but even I don't have enough clothes and shoes to fill this closet. This is the BEST CLOSET EVER.

Nate shows off his 'Man Cave' to Buster and Weez. Nate has already laid claim to the loft as his 'Man Cave'. He has grand plans for this room. I'm just thrilled that his video game junk won't be on full display in the living room anymore.

Check out flickr for the rest of the shots:

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