Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Busy bee

Someone at work sent me this today to tease me about how I have my finger in so many pies at work. This is certainly how I have been feeling lately at work. I am doing ten different things at once, with a hundred more on the 'To Do' list. I never seem to catch up! As a Type A person, I hate not being able to give each task my full attention and make sure every detail is perfect. Lately, I am just relieved to get a task completed; only rarely do I have the luxury of making it all that I want it to be. Maybe through this, I will learn to let go (at least a little bit) and be content with getting things done well, even if they can't be perfect.

1 comment:

God Rocks said...

I count it a victory if I end the day no further behind han when I started it!

I do NOT count many victories! :)

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