Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Coffee Lovers of the World, UNITE!

It's National Coffee Day.

I'm not sure who decides that kind of thing, but I definitely love them. And if someone could make it a national holiday, I'd love that person even more. Then I could sit in Starbucks all day long and do nothing but drink coffee and read a good book.

As it is, National Coffee Day is not yet a national holiday, so I made due by working from home and sipping coffee in my pajamas all day while I goofed off on the computer worked. Guess that will have to be good enough this year.

And I'm totally going to Starbucks for the second time today before Nate's soccer game. Gotta support National Coffee Day and all. They don't just give away national days, you know.

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Cole said...

Me and my three EXTREMELY large flavored ice coffees celebrated National Coffee Day in style. I even took the day off to celebrate! OK, it was actually to accept delivery of my new couch...but it sounds cooler to say I was celebrating my new favorite holiday.

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