Friday, April 9, 2010

Play On

Guess where I'm going tonight?!

To see Carrie Underwood!
And I can't wait! There are very few artists who make CD's that I want to listen to all the way through, over and over. Carrie is one of them! Her CD's are in constant rotation in my car and nearly half the songs in my ipod's 25 Most Played are hers. I can't wait to see her rock in concert tonight!
Happy early birthday to me!


Cole said...

Have fun!! I want to hear all about the concert. :-)

MelissaOK said...

Well happy early birthday! I like Carrie Underwood too. Partly because she's an Oklahoma girl, and you know I have to support that!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I love her music! Have a great time!

Kimberly said...

Did you love it? My mom and I had a great time. Also, I'm crushing on the lead singer of Sons of Sylvia. He woo'd me with his Edward Cullen hair! Ha!

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