Monday, April 5, 2010

She shoots, She scores!!

Every year Nate and I compete in a little March Madness Bracket competition. Most years, of course, one or both of us is competing other places too (school, work, Facebook, wherever) but the ultimate competition is always the one we're waging against each other at home.

Now I know little to nothing about college basketball. I might watch a Volunteer game or two, possibly the Duke v. UNC matches, but that is about the extent of it. My strategy for filling out my bracket goes something like this:

1. Duke - always wins.
2. Tennessee - will make it one round further than they made it last year.
3. Gonzaga - It has a 'Z' in it. Must be a winner.
4. Syracuse - I think that's in New York. I like New York. Must be a winner.
5. Kentucky - Their color is blue. I look good in blue. Must be a winner.
6. Butler - Their mascot is a bulldog. I have two dogs. Must be a winner.

And so on and so forth.

I choose my winners mostly at random. I know enough to know not all #1 seeds will go all the way and that there will be three or so upsets per section (branch? division? whatever), but the rest of it's just blind guessing on my part.

So it really burns Nate up that I beat him by 10 points this year! My method, or lack thereof, actually chose several of the early round upsets and put me out to an early lead that he could never overcome.

I couldn't care less who actually won the tourney, just so long as I won the war at home!

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Cole said...

Holy crap, your strategy is JUST LIKE MINE!! And it worked for me! In an office of 500+ people, I came in 6th!

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