Saturday, January 23, 2010

Well ain't that a pickle?

Task #15 on my attempt to look productive for the sake of my husband To Do list last week was to clean out my closet. As you can tell from the picture above, this project was a smashing success.

Well, except for the fact that it spawned a completely new To Do item. Task #16 - Clean up the mess that my closet clean up created.

Currently this disaster is residing on one of our guest beds. Luckily, we have two guest beds, and no imminent plans for guests, but still...I should get this taken care of. Or so my husband reminds me every evening when he asks if I did anything about the mess I made in the guest bedroom.

In closet purges past, I would simply pack up my giveaway pile and trundle it home to my baby sister, who has long been the lucky recipient of my short attention span when it comes to clothing. Sadly now (for both of us!), the 12 hour drive no longer makes this option number one.

When we moved to the house a year ago, I took a dozen items to a local consignment store to test the waters, hopeful that I could make at least a small amount of pocket change for my almost-as-good-as-new items. Much to my dismay, I didn't sell a single thing. Three months later, my lovely clothes were given to Goodwill. Not that I am knocking donating to Goodwill, but seriously, these clothes were all still in style and worth a decent amount of money.

So maybe it was just the wrong consignment shop? Granted, it was a bit out of the way and I didn't find a single thing I'd want to purchase there, but still. Surely someone with good taste (such as myself) wanders in there occasionally, even if by accident.

I Googled consignment stores in the area and came up disappointingly empty-handed. I'm considering selling some things on eBay, but I'm not entirely sure it's worth the effort. I've shopped on eBay before, and scored some fabulous deals - which is kind of the point. I love it because I pay next to nothing for department store labels that I love. I don't exactly see myself ecstatic over selling my stuff for pennies on the dollar.

What do you do with your still fashionable, but no longer wanted clothing? Have you sold clothing on eBay before? Is it easy? Is it worth it? Is there some other website that's better for that type of thing?


Micayla said...

Was it Carmel Consignment? I do know that 2 new shops have opened in N-ville lately- maybe Playto's closet on 96th or craigslist?

Cole said...

Do you have any friends that are the same size? Maybe they'd be interested in taking a few items off your hands. :-)

amycornwell said...

Ditto about Noblesville, I know there's a new shop here. I think it's behind McD's and that quilting shop. Anything a size 8? :)

KT said...

Sara.... Oh Sara..... I think you should organize a Swap N Shop... I'm just sayin'......

Sarah Ann said...

No matter what you aren't going to get a good amount of money for the clothes that you bought. You'd be lucky to get a 1/3 of what you paid. I'd say, either settle with a place locally or do it up eBay style if you want to sell. If not, I think its a great idea to swap clothes with friends. If there is something I buy that I realize was an "in the heat of the moment" purchase I ask my friends (or mom) if they want it first. Good luck figuring out what you want to do. =]

Kristen said...

I sell certain things on ebay, then donate the rest.

Emily Langer said...

you send it to 6072 university station clemson, sc 29632.

there, problem solved.

no really, PLEASE! i NEED clothes and im BROKE!!!!

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