Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Moving on up!

Last Sunday N and I signed a contract to build our first home. Finally, after four years of dorm life and five years of apartment-dwelling, we are going to be home owners. I will get to paint walls and buy 'real' furniture. We are so excited!

We have worked and saved hard for this house and it is everything that we wanted. We went from 'just looking' to contract signing in only four weeks. It has been so easy (too easy!) as N and I have agreed on every element with little discussion. Builder, neighborhood, lot, floorplan, and upgrades were a breeze. Brick, siding, carpet, flooring, light fixtures and door knobs were a cinch. We only have one decision left, and we cannot agree! N wants a blue front door and I want a red one. Seriously, is that going to be the only real debate we will have for the biggest purchase of our lives?


Monkey said...

You know what they say about red doors...I guess it will be okay as long as you don't put a red light up too...

emilayLANGA said...

what do they say about red doors?

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