Wednesday, November 3, 2010

30 Before 30

In case you haven't already heard me whine about it, I'm turning 30 this year. October 15 was my half-birthday and in an effort not to enter full on freak out mode about my impending exit from my twenties, I decided to celebrate these last six months instead by accomplishing a few things I haven't quite gotten around to the last 29.5 years. Some of them will be easy, some of them will be a challenge (hello, Oprah!), and some of them will take the entire six months, so I better get cracking.

1. Try water skiing
2. Throw an '80's party
3. Try acupuncture
4. Paint a canvas for the house
5. Find the perfect shade of red lipstick
6. Have a shaving cream fight
7. Improve my photography skills
8. Visit Chicago
9. Catch up on my scrapbooks
10. See Wicked
11. Eat a fresh fig with honey and walnuts
12. Learn HTML code
13. Give serious thought to dying my hair red
14. Have a girls weekend with my college besties
15. Get in the best shape of my life (work out consistently)
16. Have boudoir shots taken
17. Visit the Indianapolis Zoo
18. Take a pole dancing class
19. Try a cuisine I've never tried before (Lebanese or Indian?)
20. Decorate our bedroom
21. Try snow boarding
22. Attend an Oprah show taping
23. Get knocked up
24. Serve in a soup kitchen or food pantry
25. Complete my dream closet
26. Do something completely impulsive
27. Kiss in the rain (or snow!)
28. Go dancing in Vegas
29. Attend at least 2 concerts
30. Learn to relax and enjoy turning 30!


... said...

Sounds awesome! Go for it!

Cole said...

That's quite the list!! I bet you can get it all done!

Kriste said...

Are these in order? Because you might want to do some of them before you get knocked up!
Great list!! :)

Cookie Crums said...

That's an impressive list! You better accomplish them all and save #23 for last. :) Good luck and have fun doing it all!!! Nov 25th.... I'll be 30.

MelissaOK said...

Great list! You better get started and good luck!

Kristen said...

Good list. #27 got me pregnant. :P

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I love the list! If you go to Chicago let me know! My family use to live there!

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