Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hello, Lover

It is entirely possible that I have died and gone to heaven.

It's no secret around here that cupcakes are my kryptonite. But really, it's not the cupcake that gets me - it's the icing.

I don't know what it is about icing that makes it impossible for me to resist. I will eat it by the spoonful straight out of the can, squirt it directly into my mouth from the tube, and I've even scraped the icing off and ditched the cake just to 'save' a few calories (HA!).

Nate thinks this makes me a weirdo.

But now I have proof to the contrary! Clearly there are others in the world just like me. Others who would like nothing more than a spoonful of gooey, sugary goodness sans the crummy cupcake part.

Icing lovers of the world, UNITE!

Who's up for a trip to Miami?


Kristen said...

Too funny...maybe you could improvise and make your own with dixie cups? :P

Cole said...

So, do I book my tickets to Miami now or later?!

Ally said...

I've actually made my own buttercream icing just so I could eat it.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Haha! You're too funny. When I eat cupcakes I actually scrape the icing off and don't eat it. We should go there together and you can have my icing as I eat the cupcake.

Anonymous said...

Me, me, oh me! I LOVE icing. I think you get it from me. (Did I pass any 'good genes' to you?)

Katie said...

I don't really like cake at all. Or icing. 'Cept for my special secret strawberry cake recipe. But that's iced with cool whip, not icing. Guess I'm the milkman's kid, after all!?!?! Haha

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